1997 Eritrea 10 cent piece
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1995 Yemen Republic 10 Riyals 1969 Ethiopian 10 cent piece 1979 Papua New Guinea 1 Kina 1992 Russian 5 Rubles 1976 New Zealand 50 cent proof
Irregular shaped coins

Welcome to the irregular / odd shaped coins page.

If you are looking for square coins like the ones from Malaya & British Borneo, or diamond shaped coins like those from the Netherlands, Pakistan and India, then we may have what you are looking for.

 We have scalloped shaped coins, coins with 5, 6, 7 and even 12 sides on them.  There are also coins coins with holes in them like the ones from British West Africa, French Indo China, Greece and Papua New Guinea and Japan.

Believe it or not, there are even guitar shaped coins.  In 2004 Somalia released it's first guitar shaped coin, and based on it's success, they release three others. Two are based on the Gibson Flying V, and the other the pink star guitar.

Other shapes include heart shaped coins, oval coins and triangular coins.  On March 23, 2005, the National Bank of Poland issued the 10 zloty commemorative a fan shaped coin. 

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KM-26 Botswana 1998 5 Thebe Toko Bird BU KM-30a British West Africa 1952 1 Penny BU KM-204a Chile 1976 5 Centavos Condor Unc KM-685 Cook Islands 2009 5 Dollars Little Thermo Chick BU
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KM-47 Croatia 1997 25 Kuna Unc KM-546 Hungary 1963 2 Filler Unc KM-549 Hungary 1985 2 Filler Unc KM-13.6 India Republic 1975 2 Paise Asoka Lion Pedestal Unc
$11.50 Qty:
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$2.50 Qty:
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KM-37 Lebanon 1996 50 Livres BU KM-16 Malaysia 1976 1 Ringgit Unc KM-41 Myanmar 1966 25 Pyas Unc KM-34 Pakistan 1975 2 Paisa Unc
$2.00 Qty:
$6.00 Qty:
$1.25 Qty:
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Y-523 Poland 2005 10 Zlotych Cranes Proof KM-104.1 Singapore 1998 5 Dollars BU KM-104.1 Singapore 2001 5 Dollars BU KM-48a Swaziland 1999 5 Cents Arum Lily BU
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